International Shipping Policy for Canada

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International Shipping Policy for Canada

We routinely ship all of our products to Canada on a daily basis. It is our goal to ensure that your international shopping experience with us is easy and hassle free.

Shipping Rates

The shipping cost will be automatically shown on the check-out page once all appropriate information is entered. It is calculated based on the size, weight, dimensions and final destination of your order. The shipping fee reflects the base shipping charge and does not include any customs duties and taxes.

Canadian Duties and Taxes

Duties on goods vary widely, depending on the product and the country in which it was manufactured. Customers are solely responsible for all duties and taxes due. For your convenience, the Interior Gallery will arrange for customs "self-clearance". The self-clearance option translates to significant cost savings since you will not require the need for an outside broker. Once the shipment leaves our facility, it will head towards the Canadian Border Patrol facility nearest to the final destination. Once the shipment has arrived, the customer will be contacted and informed of the duties and taxes to be paid prior to delivery. Once these duties and taxes are paid in full, the shipment will be released to the pre-arranged freight company, which will delivery the merchandise to your door.

All The Interior Gallery shipments originate in the United States. Therefore, the following will apply to Canadian shipments:

1. Duty assessed by the Canada Border Services Agency (9.5%)
2. 5% Canadian goods and services tax (GST)
*Note: Provincial Consumption Taxes (HST and QST) vary between provinces and are the responsibility of the individual.

If you have specific questions about Canadian customs and duties, please contact the following agencies to assist with calculating the duties and taxes for your shipment:

Calls within Canada
  • Service in English:
    1 800 461-9999
  • Service in French:
    1 800 959-2036

Calls outside of Canada
Long distance charges apply

  • Service in English:
    • 204-983-3500
    • 506-636-5064
  • Service in French:
    • 204-983-3700
    • 506-636-5067

Border Information Service


For all questions regarding returns and exchanges, please see our Terms and Conditions. For any additional questions and concerns regarding our Return Policy or to report a problem with your shipment, please call us directly at 214-614-8176 or email us at