Walking T-Rex Dinosaur Huge Statue

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Large Walking T-Rex Dinosaur Statue - 19 FT Long
This Tyrannosaurous Rex Dinosaur Statue is part of our life size dinosaur collection. The incredible details depicted on this T- Rex statue truly make it museum quality. This 19 FT long dinosaur statue will make a wonderful conversation piece. This T-Rex Dinosaur Statue will add character to any museum, commercial, or special event display. This Huge T-Rex Dinosaur walking is made from a cast resin mold mixed with fiberglass. This Dinosaur Statue is brilliantly hand painted to the highest detail by professional artisans giving this statue a wonderful glow. If displaying out doors, we recommend applying a thin coast of polyurethane to protect from weathering as needed.

Material: Resin mixed with fiberglass
Dimensions: 224"L x 72.75"W x 91.5"H
Weight: 783 lbs.
Usage: Indoor and Outdoor

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