Wahoo Sculpture 5FT

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Large Wahoo Fish Sculpture 5FT - Fish Decor

The Wahoo, or Scombird Fish, is found worldwide in the Tropical and Subtropical seas. They are a prize game fish among fisherman for their high quality flesh and speed. The Wahoo has an elongated body with an iridescent blue back, silver sides, and irregular blue bars. They tend to swim solitary but can sometimes be found in groups of 2-3. Beware their razor sharp teeth!

But not to worry, this friendly fish sculpture is made from a resin mold mixed with fiberglass, then hand painted to the highest detail. A great quality piece with life-like detail. Great fish decor for restaurants, fishing establishments, beaches, commercial establishments, shops, and more!

Dimensions: 58.75"L x 8"W x 13.75"H
Weight: 9 lbs