Red Eyed Frog Statue Large Tropical Frog 3FT

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Large Red Eyed Tree Frog Statue Tropical and Exotic Museum Quality 3FT



Beautiful and exotic red-eyed tree frog large statue.
Most iconic rain forest symbol. Theysleep during the day by sticking to a tree leaf with their eyes closed and bodymarkings covered.

When disturbed, they flash their big red eyes and reveal their exotic,webbed orange feet and bright blue and yellow flanks.The shocking colors ofthis frog may over stimulate a predator?s eyes creating confusion which allowsthe frog to jump away.

-Suitable for indoor or outdoor display.
-Hand painted for a realistic look.
-Made from durable resin and reinforced internally with fiberglass.
-Great for any tropical, rain-forest or garden theme display.

* Note: If displaying outdoors, we recommend applying a coat of Polyurethane as needed to protect from weathering
Dimensions: L 37.5" x W 35.5" x H 21.6"
Weight 26 lbs 
Designed and Exclusively Distributed by The Interior Gallery 


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