Monkey Powder Holder

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Monkey Powder Holder Billiard Player with Cue Stick
We are pleased to be offering you today this magnificent game room monkey powder holder billiard player. 3D - Brilliantly hand crafted from resin mold and hand painted to the last detail. This gorgeous beauty is part of a collection of hand crafted statue replicas. It is sure to be a perfect piece to add to any collection. This statue is used in many establishments and occasions. It is used as part of home decor, restaurant decor, bar decor, club decor, retails store decor, special events decoration, home decor, children room decor, media room decor, game room decor, hotel decor, commercial businesses decor and as a wonderful gift idea to give to that special one on any special occasion. It is sure to attract crowd's attention and is a wonderful conversation piece.

Dimensions: 13" x 12" x 14"