Large Yellow Bell Pepper Statue

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Large Yellow Bell Pepper Statue
This is a large yellow bell pepper out of our food advertisingcollection. It has been hand painted with beautiful bright enticing colors. It canbe the perfect display for your farm, market, or even your kitchen. You candisplay it alone or in a group with our other vegetable replicas. It has been constructedfrom a resin mold mixed with fiberglass.
- Suitable for indoor and outdoor display.
- Made from durable Resin and reinforced internally withFiberglass.
- Hand painted for a realistic look.
- Easy to move and display.

* Note: If displaying outdoors, we recommend applyinga coat of Polyurethane as needed to protect from weathering.

Weight: 8.4 lb
Dimensions: 14" W x 13.75" L x 17.75" H