Ice Cream Chair Soft Serve Mint Chocolate

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MSRP: $750.00
Was: $825.00
Now: $399.99
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Ice Cream Chair Soft Serve Mint Chocolate
Look Cool in more ways than one with our ice cream chair.

They are perfect for any type of cafe or ice cream parlor, both visual and practical, they can be used anywhere that you want people to sit.
The chair looks mouth watering for passers by, tempting them over to purchase an ice-cream or two then sit around to have a photo right outside your business, what great advertising.
How about your party or BBQ? They would never be forgotten if you owned a set of chairs like this friends and neighbors would always be around for dinner.

Dimensions: 25.75" L x  24.75" W X 40" H

Weight: 40 Lb
Designed and Exclusively Distributed by The Interior Gallery 

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