Huge T-Rex Dinosaur Statue Life Size 22 FT

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MSRP: $13,500.00
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Now: $6,500.00
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Huge T-Rex Dinosaur Statue Life Size Replica 22 FT Long
This is an impressive life size T-Rex replica from the dinosaurcollection. A t-rex is best known for the tiny arms and huge body it has. Its uniquefeatures are sure to impress an audience whether you display it in a museum,exhibit, or out on your camping grounds. It has been constructed from a resinmold mixed with fiberglass and intricately hand painted to show case plenty ofdetail.
-Suitable for indoor oroutdoor display.
-Hand painted for a realisticlook.
-Made from durable resin andreinforced internally with fiberglass.
-Great for any themeddisplay.

* Note: If displaying outdoors,we recommend applying a coat of Polyurethane as needed to protect fromweathering
Dimensions: 264"L X 51"W X 133"H
Weight:457.45 lbs


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