Grand Deer Stag Head Wall Mount

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Grand Deer Stag Head Wall Mount

A gorgeous life size grand deer stag statue from our life size animals head collection. The male deer is called a Stag, one of the largest and most majestic, non domesticated wildlife animal in the country.
This gorgeous beauty is part of a collection of hand-crafted memorabilia replicas. It is sure to be a perfect piece to add to any collection. The incredible details depicted on this deer head bust truly make it museum quality.
It is sure to attract crowd's attention and will make a wonderful conversation piece.
This collectible statue is made from durable materials using a cast resin mold mixed with fiberglass. It is then hand painted to the highest detail by professional artisans.
Suitable for indoor or outdoor displays. (If displaying outdoors, we recommend applying a thin coating of polyurethane as needed to protect from weathering.)
Dimensions: 50.75" L x 30.25" W x 58.5" H
Weight: 26.5 lb

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