Ferocious Velociraptor Statue Life Size Raptor

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Ferocious Velociraptor Statue Life Size Raptor

The velociraptor is the mostfamiliar dinosaur by the general public and therefore one of the most soughtout dinosaur statue. This dinosaurstatue is very detailed in form as well as in color.

Museum quality.  Hand painted with intricate details.  Realistic eyes and vibrant colors.  A wonderful per-historic statue to add to your Jurassic theme display.

This dinosaur statue is made from aresin cast mold mixed with fiberglass, then hand painted to the highest detail.

Dimensions: 70.75" L x 23.75" W x 84.5" H
Weight: 112 lb
Material: Durable Resin mixed with fiberglass.  Hand painted.
Usage: Indoor and Outdoor (coat with clear polyurethane for outdoors display)


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