Dromedary Camel Statue Life Size

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Dromedary Camel Statue Life Size

The dromedary, also called the Arabian camel,is a large, even-toed ungulate with one hump on its back. The dromedary is thesmallest of the three species of camel. This beautiful piece brings all kindsof Sahara vibes. The Camel can be used at any themed event, museum, or outdoorexhibit. This piece is constructed from a resin mold and then hand painted tothe highest detail.

- Suitable for indoor or outdoor display.
- Made from durable resin and reinforced internally with fiberglass.
- Hand painted for a realistic look.
- Great for any themed displays.
- Made from one cast, No Assembly Required.

* Note: If displaying outdoors, we recommend applying a coat of Polyurethaneas needed to protect from weathering.

Dimensions: 98.25" L x 27.25" W x 74" H

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