Clownfish Statue Hanging 3FT

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Clownfish Sculpture Hanging 3FT

Clownfish, or anemonefish, are usually seen in yellow, orange, or reddish hues along with black and white bars or patches. They are found in the warmer waters of the Indian and Pacific Ocean including the Great Barrier Reef and Red Sea. The Clownfish will find homes among the reefs in shallow seas. These omnivorous fish live in groups of 2 with a strict dominance hierarchy.

This Fish Sculpture is made from a resin mold mixed with fiberglass, then hand painted to the highest of detail.
A great fish decor to add to aquarium parks, themed parks, restaurants, commercial establishments, and more!

Dimensions: 36"L x 9"W x 19"H
Weight: 24 lbs

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