Angus Bull Life Size Statue Black

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MSRP: $1,559.99
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Now: $1,299.99
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Impressive and huge black Angus Bull statue from our realistic Life Size Animals Statues
Collection.  This real life size bull statue is sure to be a perfect piece to add to your farm of theme.
The incredible details depicted on this bull sculpture is sure to attract crowd's attention and is a
wonderful conversation piece.
This true life size replica of the bull statue is made from durable materials using cast resin mold
mixed with fiberglass.
It is hand painted to the highest detail by professional artists.

This statue is suitable for indoor and outdoor displays.

Item Dimensions: 95.75 L x 31.75 W x 66.25 H inches
Net Weight: 126 pounds

Note: If Displaying Outdoors, We Recommend Applying A Coat Of Polyurethane As Needed To
Protect From Weathering.

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